Of Moths and Men

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I don’t know about you, but for the past week or more there has been an onslaught of moths at my house. They are everywhere! I have found them in the “normal” places like around the lights, in the outside trash cans, in the mailbox, among the trees and bushes, but then they have been everywhere else as well: In the shower, in my car, inside the dishwasher, in my bed. It seems that they are literally everywhere I go, thousands of them. We get this moth invasion every couple of years it seems, but it always catches me by surprise, and I’m always super amazed by it.

This year, as I was sitting on my couch with a few flying friends surrounding me, I was thinking about how strange it is that people, myself included, love to go to a building filled with flitting flying creatures and surround themselves with them, will even pay money to go there, but are terrified and hate the flitting flying creatures in and around our homes. By this I’m referring to butterfly pavilions. We love butterflies, but hate moths. Butterflies are far more beautiful and colorful than moths. They aren’t as seemingly dusty and dirty. Their flight is far less erratic. They are, however, in many ways, the same creature, but we tend to flock to one and run when one flocks around us.

In the same way, we as people tend to do this to other people. We love the beautiful people of the world, the rich, the smart, the funny, the popular, the stable, the reliable, whatever it may be. We want those people in our lives and around us, but those who are dirty, unpredictable, addicted, poor, difficult, etc… we tend to shy away from. Jesus, however, had a different approach. He went to those who were sick and dirty and outcast, not to the exclusion of those who were rich and powerful and stable, but in addition to. In the same way, we, as Christians, need to be sure that we are reaching out to everyone, so that we can share God’s love and light with everyone, because, as I talked about last week, everyone needs it, and sometimes people just need to be shown that God loves them as and where they are before they can see themselves as God sees them and change their lives to become more like who He designed them to be.

Jumping off of that, there is one more observation that I have made this past week about moths. This is nothing new, but it really struck me how much moths are attracted to the light. I can walk in my garage in the morning, turn on the light and see dozens of moths. If I turn off the light and open the garage door, within seconds they have all flown outside, into the light. At night, I can hear hundreds of moths slamming into my bathroom window, because it is light, and they are trying to get there.

Again, this got me thinking about people. We can sometimes be hesitant to speak too loudly about God because we don’t want to offend people, or we think people will be mad, but in general, people, like moths, are attracted to the light. God calls all people to Himself and has placed a longing on their hearts for Him. When we speak the truth and live like Christ and spread His love and light, the lost and broken and sick and dirty and addicted and anxious of the world will come. Sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly, but all we need to do is shine the light.

So, this week, shine the light of Christ in the world around you, and then don’t be surprised if you become surrounded by moths. Love them and let them know that God loves them.

— Scott

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