My Life In His Hands

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Wednesday was Manda and my anniversary. To celebrate, we went on a hot air balloon ride. It was really amazing, and I would definitely recommend that you go if you get the chance. It was … Read More

Love > Hate

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Black Lives Matter. George Floyd. Protest. Change. Systemic Racism. Riot. Looting. Police Brutality. Derek Chauvin. I Can’t Breath. White Privilege. Fear. Hate.  These are just a few of the words and phrases that have been … Read More


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This week is quite a week! Monday was May the 4th (Star Wars Day), which is one of the best “holidays” ever invented. Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo. Wednesday was my sister’s birthday. Sunday is … Read More

Strong and Courageous

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Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this! Wait a minute. Tanya Gregory Potter, my wonderful wife and partner asked me to post what I’ve lived through and seen in my life. I was 3 when … Read More


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It seems that the world has recently exploded, to a certain degree, with speculation, concern, fear over COVID-19. It has been for a while now, but this week it came home as there are currently … Read More


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It’s still technically Winter, but the weather is warming up, it’s sunny outside, and it feels like Spring. With Spring comes the onslaught of new life, of birth, of growth. Our rose bushes, apple trees … Read More

Leap Day

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So, Saturday is February 29th, Leap Day, the calendar’s once in every four years way of making up that extra six hours or so that it cheats us out of the other three years in … Read More


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This past Wednesday the church went Roller Skating for our February Meet-Up. It was a lot of fun, and also a lot of work. To be fair, I was wearing roller blades, not roller skates, … Read More

Groundhog Day

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This past weekend was Groundhog Day, the fateful day when, if it’s sunny outside and Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, then obviously, six more weeks of Winter await, but, if it’s cloudy and he doesn’t, … Read More

Who Are You?

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As I write this, it is January 25, 2020. Where has this new year gone? Did you make New Year’s resolutions? A New Year’s resolution is a promise a person makes for the new year. … Read More

Fear and Protection

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This past weekend the church had its first Meet-Up. If you missed this and have no idea what I’m talking about, every month we are going to have a free/low cost meet-up event for anyone … Read More


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As I mentioned last week, change is often difficult for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it requires work and intentionality. That intentionality is what I want to discuss this week. Intentionality is vital for any sort of transformation and change, but so often we disregard it in hopes that things will “just happen.”


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It’s over a week into the New Year, which means that most of our resolutions have probably already been broken because change is difficult and requires effort and intention. I’ll write about that later, but since it is still the start of a New Year, I wanted to write briefly about renewal.